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Seymour Papert - student of Jean Piaget and former professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology - coined the phrase Constructionism, which means "Learning by Making something".

Quote: "Constructionism means making something that you can identify with, be proud of and think - THIS IS MY THING. What you learn in the process of making things that you care about sinks much deeper into  the subsoil of the brain than what anyone can tell you. Constructionism involves two types of construction: when you construct things out in the world, you simultaneously construct knowledge in your head".

When the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method is applied to education and learning be it tertiary such as MBA programs or secondary such as entrepeneurship it is to create a learning process that is more efficient, results in more memorable learning, is more enjoyable and last but not least engages ALL students from start to finish.

Colleges and universities that use the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology to power their education include:

Boston University, USA
ESC Rennes School of Business, France
Globis Management School, Japan
London School of Economics, UK
Massachusetts University, USA
Real Madrid Sports University, Spain
RMIT International University, Vietnam
Simmons Schools of Management, USA
VIA University College Lillebaelt, Denmark
Waseda University-Business School, Japan

"Our program actually started on Monday and we had huge success with the LSP activity for the day. The participants were asked to create models for their personal best in leadership, and the conversations and insights that came out of the discussion were terrific. The methodology really allowed people to visualize and connect with each other's story, as well as gain additional insights into their own leadership." 

Kris Normandin, Curriculum Director, Executive Education, Simmons School of Management, Boston

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