Both immediate and
long-term impact


The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method is an ‘immediate results approach' for tackling and resolving an organization’s pressing business challenges. It is a problem solving process that draws on the full scope of insights, expertise and imagination of the people in the system. Here is a few examples of client challenges and opportunities that have been resolved with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® approach:

Financial Services:
The head of the senior global management team of a large financial company's auditing department (400+) saw a need for improving the efficiency of their decision making processes. He wanted to tackle this issue at the bi-annual meeting with his global management team. Their current MO left an impression of being somewhat risk-averse and slow in reacting to pressing needs of other departments. This impression had a negative impact on the entire organization negatively. For the senior leader, it was not entirely clear whether the management group did indeed suffer from risk averseness - or if it was merely a perception that resulted from lengthy projects.  

Industrial Software:
The leadership team of a very successful software company realized that the future of the company relied on moving beyond its core market into adjacent markets where an entirely new and very much needed product platform might be successful. Their challenge was to get a competent, yet somewhat complacent marketing team to enthusiastically take on the challenge. The marketing team had a hard time putting aside their current successful platform in order to come up with a long-term strategy for achieving new goals. 

Engineering Consulting:
A nationwide company (with regional offices) is highly specialized in the geotechnical aspects of large-scale construction projects. Their expertise covers a greater scope of abilities than their positioning in the market would indicate. Also, their engineering expertise isn’t equally distributed among their regional offices. At a seminar for their 80+ top people including every branch office, they wanted to effectively address two issues: 1) How can we achieve a higher degree of synergy between the regional offices? 2) How can we (as engineers) become better at selling our other services once we are engaged in a project that involves our core expertise? 

Executive Business Education:
A well renowned had college existed for decades with its Business School located off the main campus- a unique aspect of the Business School's identity. It was recently decided (by non-faculty powers) that the off campus buildings be sold and new buildings be constructed on campus and integrated with the main campus faculty. Part of the faculty strongly feared that the unique appeal of the Business School wouldn’t be transferred to the new environment. For the Dean, it was critical that the process of developing the design for the new school and preparing for the transition involve all parties and resulted in a new setup that was positive and energetic.

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