Fast-Track to the real issues,
and make more, better and faster decisions



The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method (LSP) is based on a set of core values and beliefs about leadership and organizations

  • People naturally want to contribute, be part of something bigger and take ownership
  • Allowing each member to contribute and speak out results in a more sustainable business
  • All too often, teams work sub optimally leaving knowledge untapped in team members
  • We live in a world which best can be described as complex and adaptive


The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method is about creating new knowledge to solve problems. It is about surfacing and clarifying insights.

The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method can surface and name what usually goes unspoken in a room. It can articulate concepts in a new way through accessing the whole brain, including the unconscious, as you let your hands help you do the thinking and communicating.

Our experience with the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY approach has shown that the best insights in a team often come from the individuals who normally don't share what they are thinking through quick verbal jousting.

The verbal pet phrases are circumvented. People come up with new ways to express what is on their minds, and even what they themselves may not consciously realize. The discussion goes much deeper much more quickly.