What motivates us

We do not only BELIEVE that there is a vast untapped potential in people in organizations and that these people have the resources and imagination to resolve the most challenging issues -

Many years working with the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method assisting companies and organizations worldwide have proven this a fact.

We are highly motivated when we facilitate processes that taps into this untapped well of insights, creativity, confidence and commitment and use it to make businesses more competitive, education more efficient and people more engaged.

One of our favorite people at Rasmussen Consulting is "The Lonely Guy". Who is she/he? Well - she is the quiet person in the back of the room. She is the one, who normally does not say a lot in the meeting. But this is certainly not, because she does not have things to bring to the table - on the contrary our experiences show. There are just always people who speak much more, faster and louder - often without adding value to nearly the same extend.



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