When you as a leader or manager want to gather the total individual and team brain power to work on complex business issues such as developing strategy plans, resolving conflicts, forming and developing teams and working with turnaround and restructuring –then LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is the method of choice.

The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method uses the power of “Hand Knowledge”

The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology draws on extensive research from the fields of business, organization development, psychology and learning. It is based on the concept of “hand knowledge,” i.e. the research that shows the hands are connected to 70-80% of our brain cells. Our brains are limited in how much information they can consciously handle at one time, the so-called working memory.  But with the help of all the neural connections in our hands we “know“ a lot more at any given moment than we think we know.

The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method taps into the human ability to imagine, to describe and to make sense of a situation at hand, to initiate change and improvement, and even to create something radically new.  When our hands are used in learning, a complicated process takes place that generates a powerful emotional charge. As a result, not only do thoughts and ideas that are built with our hands tend to be expressed in greater detail, but they are also more easily understood and remembered.

The process is not reliant on the typical verbal jousting that goes on in meetings, or filling up “a blank page.”  Instead, participants use a carefully chosen selection of LEGO® bricks and elements and a unique process where people “think through their fingers” – unleashing insight, inspiration and imagination.


The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method is left-brain and right-brain business development simultaneously

To learn a little more about the Science underpinning the method

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