"RuleBreaking = Same game played with new rules"

RuleBreaking Play is customized application of the LEGO®SERIOUS®PLAY Method. It is a strategy process to turn things upside down in your business landscape and do something completely new and unexpected to gain a competitive advantage. Developing a RULE BREAKING STRATEGY for your business with the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method, means defying the business rules in force, choosing new paths; shaking up old habits.

RuleBreaking Play is more than business and organizational development - it is business and organizational development with a RULEBREAKING DIMENSION! It is finding out how to "play the game" in a way NO-ONE in your field/sector has done until now. In RuleBreaking Play we DO NOT look at what others in your sector  are doing well to find out how you can do it even better. We explore what they are NOT DOING and use this insight to develop new rules that sets you radically apart from the competition and your present way of operating.

What does a RuleBreaker look like?

  • RuleBreakers defy the rules in force, and choose new paths shaking up existing habits
  • They do not try to compete with the market leaders by becoming better than the leaders
  • The compete by differentiation and aim at becoming the market leader by changing the rules of the competitive game.
  • The businesses and organizations that RuleBreaker are those who create a new business or operations model by flouting the rules pertaining to the  present way of operating.

Why do businesses and organizations look to RuleBreaking Play with the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Method?

  • their business, service or operations model is under financial and/or competitive pressure
  • that technological development and increasing demands from customers will place completely different demands on the organization's present business or operating model
  • the competiton is getting bigger and bigger and tougher and tougher


Team working with identifying the business landscape rules and the competition